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Extra Mini Launcher Balls

Extra Mini Launcher Balls

Extra Mini Launcher Balls

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These balls work on our Interactive® Tennis Ball Launcher...

Lost your mini tennis balls?

We get it, balls get lost all the time.

We understand you.

Our Interactives® Launcher uses special super bouncy mini tennis-balls. This way, your doggie gets more bounces to his fun.

Why do I need this?

Sometimes, bigger dogs may bite through the ball making it lose its bounciness and fibers.

Or the balls just simply... disappear... we get that too.

We've made this special package of 6 Super Bouncy Mini Tennis-Balls. 

So, if you lose or damage the ones you already have, you can just order more here.

What makes these balls special?

First of all, these are NOT identical to standard tennis balls.

Standard tennis balls are dangerous as the fibers will break and be digested by your doggie.

Because balls are dirty from bouncing everywhere, our doggies should NEVER EVER swallow the fibers which carry unknown bacterias, viruses and fungi...

On the other hand, Our mini balls are made from solid materials (rubber and polymers) which do NOT break...

This way, doggie will not swallow dirty fibers and everyone is happy!


Each pack has 6 balls.

The diameter of the balls is 5 cm or 2 inches.


I've always been shopping here for fun accessories to add to my bicycle. Always satisfied. Good job on the selection of new stuff!

Frederik H., Germany

Bought some fun lights for my son's birthday and he loves it!

Jeremy, United Kingdom

The premium X1 is actually so amazing because i'm not really a big fan of the funky LEDs but the X1 changed my mind a lot. The instructions are also included inside the package which makes the installation that much easier. The app to edit the LED is on app store and google play too! 5/5. Definetely recommend it.

Gregoire L., Switzerland
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